I Like Big BOWS, and I Cannot Lie 🎀 [NYFW Day 3 OOTD]

All photos by Delante Armani.

hate Sundays in NYC. Yes, I know, hate is a strong word but I promise I know EXACTLY what I’m saying right now.

All Sundays do are remind me that it’s my last day there and I have to fly back tomorrow. Every single time, I immediately wake up thinking about how it’s my last night there and try to come up with ways to delay my departure and stay in the Big Apple. And every time, my plans don’t work LMAO. Eventually though, I get it together and get the day poppin’. Plus for once, I was actually excited for this NY Sunday and everything it had in store for me. The things I expected and the things I never even imagined…


Again, I was up early to get my makeup started and for once me and my MUA, Empress, had it all together. On top of me being fully awake and her not getting lost today, we even had time for a quick pastry breakfast and coffee (#winning) before we got down to business. With this kind of start alone (based on the last 2 at least), nothing could tell me this wouldn’t be a great day.

But even with all of this good luck, I already knew today would be a game changer…

First of all, there was the look.  In my Day 1 post, well actually all of my NYFW Day 1 posts so far, I always speak on my last minute shopping choices that made their way into my suitcase but this look had to be the most unexpected of all.  I didn’t even know it existed until the day I bought it which was the day before I departed.  I was packing up from my TCB Style Co. PopUp Shop and one of the other vendors, Robin’s Runway, had just got it in THAT DAY. Talk about lucky! I tried it on and knew I finally had my statement piece without even a second thought. It was in my suitcase before I even walked in the door.

Then there was the events. Today was the LaQuan Smith Presentation. Let me say that again, LaQuan Smith! He had been on my list of shows to get into for the last two Fashion Weeks and the time had finally come! I didn’t know who I would meet (and I’m not going to tell you guys yet) but I knew after today, I would be on a whole new level…

The show was at noon so I had be excuse to be late. By the time I was ready it was still only 1030 but I couldn’t risk it. I had an unlimited subway pass but this was not the time to be wandering between trains since it was a route I never took before so I played it safe and hopped in a Lyft. Definitely the best decision.

There wasn’t a line yet but when it finally formed, I was first. My look was already a hit and I hadn’t even been inside yet. This alone is the Fashion Week experience you want. As a blogger, you hope for notoriety for what you do so by the time they allowed entry into the venue, I was on Cloud 9. Now if Cloud 10 was a thing, that’s what I would’ve been on by the time I left but we’ll save that for the LaQuan Smith #ChloeCoverage. Stay tuned….

-xoxo Chloe


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