Do It With Passion and Wear the Right Shoes [NYFW Day 2 OOTD]

Alright, let’s try this again…

If you read my last post you know that Day 1 back in the Big Apple didn’t go as planned but hey, what can I say?  I enjoyed myself and honestly, I was just happy to be back. But today, back to business mode. I had shows to get to, a glam appointment to keep, and people to see. There was no room for error (even though I knew somewhere, at some point there would be because that’s how my life works) and I was ready!

Considering I didn’t have the most productive day yesterday in regards to Fashion Week festivities, I had no reason to be up late and struggling to get up… but it happened anyway. Not sure why, but even if I go to bed at 8pm, waking up at 6 am is damn near impossible. The snooze button was in full effect and apparently I didn’t wasn’t the only one struggling.

This Fashion Week I decided to take some of the pressure off of myself and have someone do my makeup for the weekend. Originally my MUA appointment was at 8 but you know, life happened. She had went to the wrong address and I still wasn’t all the way dressed like I was supposed to be so at least that bought me some time. I wasn’t even mad. I took my time and got it together and finally at 8:45, we got the show on the road.

Even though it was still early, I knew the 10am show I was scheduled to go to was looking very unlikely. Makeup alone usually takes and hour (at least) and let’s not forget about travel time…via Subway. Long story short, as for that show, nah. Smh. The day hadn’t even started all the way and it was already not looking too good. But in situations like this, you have to make an executive decision. Do I just say F it or what? My answer to that is just “Do It With Passion or Not At All” and that’s what I decided to do. Everything isn’t in my control so therefor how can I be upset? It all happens for a reason. So instead of ruining my mood for the whole day, I was going to make the shows I could and make them matter. Connect with people, make an entrance and get sh*t done. After all, that’s why I was here…

So instead of panicking, I ordered breakfast and chilled with one of my fave NY MUAs, Empress, while she glammed me up. For my first (and turned out to be only) look of the day, it was my statement pieces that were going to make the look so I decided to keep it a little more casual.

As for the bag, it’s obviously no secret why I got it. While working on a pop-up shop for my own bag collection (ironic I know lol), I saw this and had to have it.  Happy Girl Glow by @JustAnotherBloggHer is a motivational collection of items with like the cutest quotes EVER.  While everyone else wanted a shirt, I was all over this bag. Just looking at it helped me through this hectic day and helped me realize that I just needed to be prepared to go all out for the show at 1, and not to dwell on missing the one at 10.  There will always be more and better events on the horizon.

SN: Shoutout to bae for buying the bag for me instead of  the shirt he wanted me to have lol. You the real MVP!

Now we can talk about the disappointment when it comes to these boots???? They were planned and unplanned all at one time.  I was stalking the mail and tracking my package daily (as we all do) and was not only excited but a little antsy with the arrival date being the day before my trip.  I literally would have time for nothing else but to throw them in my suitcase so imagine my excitement when they came a whole day earlier than expected!

Originally, I ordered the pointy toe version and had a whole nother outfit planned so imagine the series of facial expressions and heart palpitations that took place when I opened the box and these were there…  I’m not saying I didn’t like them and I know I can rock anything but when you are expecting something completely different and its for a specific look or event, there is no room for error…

But I made it work and these babies from SoSonja were still worth all the stress.  They were super comfy to walk in, gave me all the ankle support in the world and got me to my next 2 shows without skipping a beat.  And can you believe I got nothing on it?? No dirt, no spills, nothing.  I’m not sure why I was surprised though, they always have the best shoes.

As for the rest of the look, I knew the bag would go with any solid because duh, it was black and white.  But when you now have 2 items with no outfit, what do you do? Pair them together! So instead, I made the booties the pop of color and kept it clean and casual.  This asymmetrical blouse from Windsor Store was the perfect base and even though can be paired with a variety of bottoms, I opted for these distressed jeans from Charlotte Russe to keep the street style vibe and show off the booties.  Casual, sexy Saturday for the win!

As for the shows, I made the 1pm with no problem.  Shot some looks in between and had just enough time to grab food (yes, again) and make the 4pm show too.  I was finally on a roll!  I was supposed to attend a 7pm and then rush to my 8pm but again….life happened.  I skipped the 7 so I could change for 8 only to find out that the 8pm show was YESTERDAY!!! Wtf. I was so mad at all of the opportunities I missed but nothing to do about it now.  What mattered was the 2 shows I did attend and the photos I took were all taken with passion versus me being upset and not doing them at all and again, there was always tomorrow…

-xoxo Chloe

  • Makeup : @makeupbyemoney
  • Top : Windsor Store
  • Earrings : H&M
  • Sunnies : Aldo
  • Bag : @justanotherbloggHer
  • Shoes : So Sonja

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