Currently UNAVAILABLE, Because It’s NYFW (and because bae ain’t havin’ that)! [Day 1 OOTD]

Guess who’s back?!  Well, I guess it isn’t much of a surprise considering it’s my blog anyway but either way, YAY!  I know it has been a little while since my last post (since last Fashion Week to be exact), but it’s time to get this show on the road again.  I would go into this long spiel about “What had happened was…” but I will save that for another post. And trust me, there is more than enough content ahead to spill all of my personal life tea.  But for now, it’s NYFW again and as usual, it’s time to discuss my first look and Day 1 adventure…

As always, I arrived in the Big Apple on Friday.  When I get there, everyone else is 1 or 2 days in but you know how it is when you live in another state, have very minimal PTO to use at your “big girl job” and on top of that still have to manage your expenses like an adult.  You have to settle for a somewhat extended weekend and just hit the ground running. Hint my term NYFWeekend.

I’m not sure why, but my first day in the city is always the struggle.  For me, it is mixed with the excitement of being back in the city, being exhausted from not sleeping at all the day before, trying not to pass out from starvation and lack of coffee, the organization of my temporary closet, the struggle getting from the airport, the lack of energy and regular nasal functions from jet lag, and a tight schedule where you have already missed 2 morning shows… You know, the usual stuff.  In other words, HECTIC AF.

On purpose, I always schedule the earliest flight to get ahead and try to avoid all the craziness but for some reason, that never works. After 3 years and 6 fashion weeks…I accept that, call it a trend I guess.  I also accept that my first look of the weekend, is usually my most cost effective and the ultimate last minute combination that just happens to work.  I think that in total, I honestly only spent about $30 on the entire look (with tax included) and each piece is it’s own statement.

The choker actually was the last thing I grabbed before I hopped on the plane.  You know how you run to Wal-Mart for like that last minute, random bag of stuff? Yea, that’s what this was.  Like any other time, I wandered into the jewelry section (where I had no business being) and thought it was cute.  I didn’t have a plan for it but leopard always goes with something.  Consider it a $5 investment *shrug.

The sunglasses were another story.  Just like the choker though, there was no plan for them but as soon as they popped up on Neckpeace Inc.’s Instagram, I had to have them.  All I knew was that they would be perfect for a street chic type of look but it wasn’t until I found this bodysuit at F21 that it all came together…

There it was, on the mannequin waiting just for me.  When I saw it, I thought of two things, 1- I really am never available (like frfr) and 2- maybe it will be a obvious sign that I’m not single.  Either way, no matter who saw it, it was a true statement.

I searched the display surrounding it and couldn’t find one and the last thing I wanted to do was ask for help and have to try it on (considering I was on a 1 hour lunch break) but in this case, a sacrifice had to be made.  Because it was the last one, at first they didn’t want to get it down because I was told it would taint the display but that wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear so… two associates and my own struggle with the mannequin leg later, I was headed to the counter (with a handful of other random stuff that didn’t make the NYFW cut but was cute and on sale).

On another lunch break mall trip about a month before that one, I snagged these classic black single soles and faux leather skirt on sale from Charlotte Russe.  These shoes never get old and go with like EVERYTHING.  On any given day I would pay the $30.99 but on this day…. $14.99! We can say I was winning but wait until you hear about this skirt.  I would make you guys guess but I’m too excited – IT WAS LITERALLY $1.99! Now we can say it: WINNING! I even bought it in 2 sizes just in case (don’t judge).

The jacket was the perfect touch.  With fall still in the early stages, sure it’s warm during the day but can be chilly at night.  I snagged this camo at a thrift store in Brooklyn about a year and half ago for $8 and the bag is from my very own collection – I told ya’ll we had a lot to catch up on…

But anyway, long story short, that’s about it for Day 1. Originally there were shows planned from 10am all the way up until 9pm but as the day went on, that wasn’t happening.  I landed at 8am and didnt leave the airport until 9, so that 10am was a no.  The room wasn’t ready when I got to the hotel, my MUA cancelled, and I was hungry so all of that crossed out the noon and the 2pm shows.  The plan was to definitely make the 4pm but then there was nap time and I had to do my makeup and get pics before it got dark soooooo that was a no go too.  Now the 6pm and 9pm were must sees.  Honestly, I don’t even remember how the schedule didn’t work out for that but the moral of the story was let’s just do this tomorrow…

Stay tuned for when I finally got the show on the road LOL.  -xoxo Chloe


All photos by Delante Armani Photography. #DAShotIt


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