Photos by Delante Armani.

We’re about 3 weeks into 2017 and I’m finally getting back in the groove of things. Better late than never right? Maybe, maybe not. But either way I’m back and I’m on my “new, new ish”.

Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those new year new me posts (it’s probably kinda late for that anyway), but with this new hair, new jewelry, and new shoes, I might as well be a whole new person…

If you know me, like really know me, you’ll know I’ve been wanting braids for a “lil’ minute” now. Actually it’s probably more like a whole hour LOL. The last time I had braids was in 2011 and I spent almost my whole 2016 waiting for the right time since I had gotten my hair dyed. On top of that, I’m picky as hell. The same person has done my hair since college so I don’t like just anyone in my hair and I know my ladies can relate. But finally, I found her!

After months of IG tag searching, a few references, and some non-responsive braiders, I found Braids by Lapaige (@braidsbylapaige) without really trying. I was grabbing lunch and saw someone with gorgeous extra large braids a few feet away. When I finally got close enough to ask her who did them, imagine how excited I got when she told me she did them herself (and even more excited when I found out she was in my price range)! Mind you this was on a Monday, and long story short, on Saturday I was in her chair…

But now, let’s get into this necklace because I know you see it…

It’s been a while but I finally got around to grabbing some new stuff from one of my favorite online shops, Gold Glamour (@shopgoldglamour) and it came right on time because they have all new pieces (don’t worry, you’ll see me in more LOL).

I’ve been looking for more silver accessories recently and since I’m still all into my choker infatuation, this was a no brainer. It goes with almost any neckline and will definitely bring life to solids. I absolutely love it.

Last but not least, let’s talk shoes. These cutout booties are EVERYTHING.  They’re more so on the casual side but regular booties just never do it for me and if I find some, I guarantee I spent the whole fall/winter season searching for them. I had already considered this year to be a lost cause when I came across these babies.

Just like anything else, right when I’m not searching is when I find what I’m looking for. But I shouldn’t have been surprised because Consult Your Image (@consultyourimage) always has a great selection of shoes. I’ve never not loved any of my shoes from them and I’m sure that won’t change.

So as you can see, this whole 2017 has started off pretty well on my end.  Again I don’t really wanna say “new year, new me” but I do have a new look from head-to-toe and it feels AMAZING.  Looking good on the outside really does make you feel good on the inside and I hope I keep this feeling all year.  In the meantime though, make sure you check out and support each of the businesses in this post so you can feel great too. Also, make sure you follow me @TheChloeBrand for more pics and to stay in the loop.  Until next time guys!

-xoxo Chloe


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  1. Oriana says:

    Your hair is gorgeous ! You were lucky to find that skilled lady. And I like your style too 😊


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