Photos by Delante Armani.

Well, it’s here. 2017 is officially in the building. For most, it’s probably starting out like any other year. We have the usual group of people making temporary resolutions, we have the social media addicts that seem to be publicizing every single person they plan to cut off, and we have the ones that really mean business and are coming for everything they deserve in 2017.


For me, I’ll take group #3 for $500 Alex. In 2016 I learned a lot. I took the time to step back from some old habits and go forward to test my luck with others. I started the year off like every other cliche with the whole “New Year, New Me” but by the end of it, I realized that in reality this new me person still hadn’t made her appearance. It just wasn’t her time.


Now though, it’s a completely different story and Chloe is marching to her own drum. I’m now surrounded by people who have pushed me to the limits, challenged my old ways of thinking, and become some of my closest friends. I’ve taken chances, raised my vibrations, and because of it I’m in a better place mentally, spiritually, and emotionally (but not physically though because I still need to hit the gym LOL).

tcb1231wtmk-0461Regardless though, it’s time. More importantly, it’s my time. Time to show up, show out, and sparkle and shine even brighter than these sequin covered outfits we wear for NYE. And this isn’t only for me, this goes for everyone. It’s time to let go of not only negative habits and things, but negative people. Let the universe know, they better roll with it, or get rolled over. Seriously.


I’m still not going to count my chickens before they hatch as the old saying goes. Not sure if you guys have ever heard it, but in laments terms, it means move in silence. Don’t put everything out there prematurely and even still why would you want to? I never understood what telling your plans proves to people but to each his own.  All I’m going to say is “2017: Bring it on.” The unexpected will always happen and this year, I’m ready.


Oh and can we talk about these shoes though??? Three times the glitter AND a platform… YES PLEASE! Shoutout to Charlotte Russe for these babies that you guys will definitely be seeing year round.


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