Photos by Delante Armani

If you know me, or at least read my past posts, you should know I don’t really do the whole “revealing clothing” thing.  From time to time, I may wear a skirt a couple inches shorter than usual or a top with a semi-low cut neckline but that’s about it.  For this one occasion though, and this one post, I decided to let it all hang out….kinda.


This dress from House of Dasha tested all my limits as far as clothing.  I am that person that probably over analyzes a lot of things, including what I wear sometimes.  I racked my brain asking myself “Where am I going to wear this?” and “Is this a little too much skin?”  Now mind you, this was all before I even put it on.  Sounds crazy I know, but being myself I just know what I like and the image I want to uphold and usually showing both legs all the way up to here wasn’t it.


But once I did slide it on, all of my reservations went out the window.  I had to remember that how I carried myself is what mattered more than what I was wearing and on top of that, I looked damn good in it. (Not to toot my own horn, but do you see these photos???) Only I could taint my image and that’s not what this dress was going to do.  If anything, it helped me get even more in touch with the sexy part of my classy sexy style.


Looking at it now, I don’t even know why I had doubts to begin with.  I am beautiful, I am melanated, and I am confident.  Hopefully you have read my previous post based on self discovery and if not make sure you do that.  Even being where I am personally and professionally in life, I am still evolving everyday.  I am still learning me and I am still perfecting.  It’s still a process and for me it takes AH-HA moments and outfits like this one to see how far I have come.


I know, I may have went a little deep here but I truly believe that sometimes your clothes should inspire and reflect who you are not only to the people who see you but also to yourself.  Self love truly is the best love.  Now I can’t promise that this dress will bring out in you what it brought out in me but….. still grab the Blair Split Dress from House of Dasha and follow @TheHouseofDasha.  Also, make sure you follow me @thechloebrand and stay in the loop for all upcoming posts.  Until next time guys!

-xoxo Chloe


Other Outfit Details:

  • Shades : ….I honestly don’t know
  • Necklace : Charlotte Russe
  • Shoes : Charlotte Russe


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