Photos by Delante Armani.

We’ve all seen the classic Nair commercial right? Smooth, sexy legs and super cute hot pants with the lyrics “We wear short shorts!” playing loud and clear.  Even though I love it and faithfully sing along every single time, I probably won’t be seen too often in ‘daisy dukes’ of any kind.  Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with confidence or not liking my legs or anything like that but being short and curvy, the whole “ride up with wear” trend just isn’t my favorite. For Fashion Week though, sacrifices must be made.


To me, these are my lucky shorts.  Nothing special has happened in them or anything but me finding this perfect pair at Goodwill (of all places) was pretty much inevitable.  Actually, I didn’t even see them until I had one foot already out of the store, well moreso headed to checkout.  I almost left without trying them on because I just had a feeling they would fit but with them being a size 6, my hips, and my luck, I would get home, they wouldn’t fit, and I would be forced to add them to my growing pile of “goal clothes” or find someone else to wear them. Fortunately though, they were perfection.  I didn’t even have to button them all the way to know they would be going home with me.


My favorite thing about them is they are high waisted.  That alone wins me over with clothes every time.  It not only creates the flat stomach illusion but also broadens your options of tops.  Whether it be loose-fitting or fitted, it is really hard to go wrong with a high waisted bottom and putting it with this top was really everything right.

I had snagged it at another Goodwill a couple of months ago for a shoot but ended up not wearing it.  Who knew that it would be making its debut in NYC? To make it just a tad sexier, besides the fact of it being silk, I left the lowest possible button open before showing my bra to create the plunging neckline.  The shorts kept it in place and the perfect casual yet sexy look had come to life.


With this look still being more on the summer side, I decided it definitely needed some color.  Once again I felt the white was chic but there was too much of it.  It needed to really pop.  Currently the lace-up style shoe has to be my favorite.  I have a pair in almost every color shoe and they never let me down.  I stumbled across these on CharlotteRusse.com and they happened to be on sale with just enough time to order them before I left for my trip.  When they arrived, they were nothing short of the perfect touch and just the right shade of red to add to my look.


To me, this was the easiest look to put together and was actually the first, so of course it made sense to rock it on my first day in the city.  I changed into it for the second half of the evening once I was officially settled in my room and it had cooled down a bit.  Even though the shows were inside, the NYC outside was still a little more than warm and sweat and silk just doesn’t mix.  It was chic yet comfortable and paired with my new favorite pair of sunglasses and box clutch from The Limited, it came out perfectly.  It was versatile with a modern Sex in the City vibe and would work for anything I had planned for the day whether it be a fashion show, cocktail/after party, or just a night on the town.  Sounds glamorous right? I think so too. Buuutttttt, none of that happened because I was exhausted.  An hour of sleep, a 5 am flight, and going nonstop since I landed had taken its toll and after 3 shows, all I wanted to do was go to bed (even if it was only like 10 o clock).  Call me lame but theres always tomorrow soooooo, on that note, stay tuned for Day 2 of my NYFW looks and adventures.  I promise to stay out later LOL.


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