Photos by Delante Armani.

I finally made it, back home to NYC!  Well, technically I have never lived here (and still don’t) but to me, it feels like where I belong.  Every time I visit whether it be for business or leisure, I feel free and happy.  No matter how many worries in the world I may actually have,  when I step off that plane, they no longer exist.  I truly believe it is where I belong so don’t be surprise when I post about moving…


But anyway, back to the priorities, NYFW.  Even though it’s the first day, this was actually my last outfit that got put together before I left Atlanta.  I had been preparing for a little over a month before the trip and I had 5 out of 6 looks complete.  I didn’t know what it would look like but I knew I wanted ruffles.  This blouse always made a statement but this was the first time I felt the timing was truly perfect since there was no such thing as too much at Fashion Week.  The skirt added some sexy with the split and balanced out the loose fit of the blouse. But something was still missing…


Even though timeless, I felt the white and denim look just wasn’t enough.  It needed some color, some pizzazz.  I had only worn this hat twice.  Oddly, I actually bought it on my first trip to New York when I was still in college back in 2012.  It was on sale at the H&M on Times Square and I actually grabbed a peach one just like it (that I still haven’t worn).  The color was vibrant yet subtle enough for the transitioning period between summer and fall and finally,  I was taking it out on the catwalk…and sidewalk.


I’m not sure why but picking shoes took forever and a day.  I wanted to go for the color block look at first but that ended up being a quick no.  The problem was either right style of shoe but wrong color, or right color but wrong style.  These shoes were literally my last resort.  Not because they were ugly but because I originally had them with something else and also because I had worn them to Fashion Week a year ago.  Now that I think about it, those reasons were kinda dumb not to wear them but when it comes to this time of year, all reasons are justified for the perfect look.


Even with all this thought and theory though I still felt like the look just wasn’t complete.  At all.  It didn’t need too much more but still some type of accessory at least.  Bracelets were out of the question since the sleeves were long and they wouldn’t be seen.  A necklace was doable but not necessary because of the ruffle.  Earrings were a definite and it could go either way – big and flashy or small and subtle to keep the look clean.

download (18).jpeg

Long story short, I took the clean route.  But my finalizing accessory turned out to be the perfect shades from Aldo.  We will talk more about those later but just know they made a couple more appearances on the trip.  The only thing I couldn’t get together was the perfect bag but when in doubt, go neutral and that seemed to work out just fine.

download (19).jpeg

Day 1, the first part at least, was definitely a success.  I made my show and looked fab for little to nothing.  Other than shoes, hat, and sunglasses, the clothing was all thrifted.  I’m not going to give you guys a lecture but just know thrifting has its benefits and for me, the main one is saving money to really enjoy my time in the Big Apple.  New York, I have arrived!

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