Photos by Lennox Reid.

Wanna know a secret?  Don’t judge me when I say this but… I HATE going to the mall.  Seriously.  I literally have to mentally prepare myself in advance for every little thing. From the struggle of parking to the pointless long lines, I am just never ready.  I do everything in my power to go on days like Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday when I’m the only one there, but most likely I will still be forced to sacrifice a couple hours out of my weekend.

Trust me, I know this probably makes no sense to you guys right now.  I didn’t even get this outfit from the mall so you probably think it is irrelevant but it’s actually the complete opposite.  Looks like this are actually the equivalent to less mall trips and for me, a stress free life.


At first, I was a bit skeptical about this two piece from My Mission Lane.  I loved the look and the peplum style is all the way me but rarely do I take the chance to wear certain bright colors.  When it comes to yellow,  I generally prefer the more golden or mustard hues for my skin tone so for me this was definitely a “living on the edge” moment. But what I didn’t have to second guess and what finalized my decision, was simply the fact that it was a two piece.


Now the question is, how does a two piece help me not have to go to the mall?  Yes, they’re cute and they eliminate the whole process of putting a top and bottom together but really, one two piece, creates a minimum of 3 different looks.  That’s at least 2 less trips just to spend 20 min parking and to me, that’s winning.




Other Outfit Details:

  • White Tube Top : Know Style
  • Gold Accessories : Charlotte Russe
  • Tan Lace Ups : Just Fab
  • Tan Clutch : Thrifted


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