Photos by Lennox Ave.

Summer is pretty much done. Well, for the most part.  Everyone has slowly started to transition into their dark colors and now-trending chunky heel boots. I tried to get into the whole seasonal wardrobe switch and everything but some items I want to take for one more spin while it’s still warm enough and if you haven’t guessed, this dress is one of those things.


This House of Dasha piece is probably one of the only maxi dresses I have seen that is perfect for the summer-to-fall transition.  Even though sheer, the sleeves make it absolutely perfect for the last few not-so-hot days and the first couple of nights that have a little more than a warm summer breeze.  It moves beautifully and has just the right neckline for the just enough sex appeal.  I absolutely love it.


Now shades on the other hand are in style all year but these were the perfect match to compliment this dress.  The dress is a statement alone so since it didn’t need much jewelry, the glasses really topped it off.  Because of the size and the pink-to-orange ombre hue, they gave off a serious kind of modern day hippie vibe. I generally go for darker frames but these have definitely grown on me and with them and the dress together, I felt like this super fab flower child.

Oh, and did I mention that the glasses also came from House of Dasha? Yep, they sure did.  If you noticed, I have been wearing a lot of Dasha lately and they never fail to have what I need for any occasion.  These look wasn’t for any event in particular but at this in-between stage of the season, it can be worn almost anywhere and that’s what sold me…not to mention, pink is one my favorite colors LOL.


I would get started on my lip color details (from Dasha Cosmetics) but I’ll save that for another post. Now don’t worry I promise I will get into the fall groove soon but right now, I’m enjoying this perfect atmosphere over the usual sweltering heat of Atlanta.  As the old saying goes, carpe diem.  In the meantime, make sure you guys follow @TheHouseofDasha on Instagram and shop their store, HouseofDasha.com. Oh, and don’t forget about me! Make sure you follow @TheChloeBrand and subscribe to the blog for updates first.  Until next time guys!

-xoxo Chloe


Other Outfit Details:

  • Shoes : Charlotte Russe
  • Clutch : Goodwill NYC


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