Photos by Lennox Ave.

This may be a bit cliche’ but whatever.  What better time to post about the perfect blue shoes than during the red, white, and blue holiday weekend? I don’t really have any plans other than taking advantage of the extended weekend, catching up on some work, and having some me time.  It may sound lame to some of you young folks but for me, it is very much needed, just like these shoes…


First and foremost, I absolutely LOVE the fringe trend and even though a bit time consuming, I also love a sexy lace up shoe.  On top of that, the color absolutely set it off for me.  When I first saw them on the @ConsultYourImage Instagram page, I was torn because they also came in yellow.  Even though I know I probably need another pair of yellow shoes, or two, it was just something about this cobalt that made the decision that much easier.


I knew I didn’t want to overdo the look.  The heel on these is not as high as my usual so that alone made me want to keep it more casual.  Automatically, any heel can dress up a casual look so either way it would be chic; I wasn’t worried about that.  For inspiration, I used the feeling of the shoe (comfortable, simple, and sexy) to inspire the look.  And to me, that is exactly what I got.

Now first thing I had to remember was the maximum potential of the Atlanta heat.  I wanted to but cute and casual but because I also don’t want to die of heat stroke, I opted for denim shorts instead of my usual perfect fit jeans.  Not to mention, this is one of those shoes that you want to see the whole thing.  You can never go wrong with a white shirt but I did want to do a little more than that.  I grabbed my fave neutral vintage bag and added a now trending pom pom ornament just for decoration and extra color.  Not a lot of effort, but still a whole lot of style.


Lately, I am really enjoying these casual looks.  Dressing up is cool and I love it but I really wanted to start connecting with you guys on a level that has a more day-to-day type of feel.  Let’s face it, even those who live the more glam lifestyles have more days like this where comfort trumps over the top sexy.  To snag these, the yellow, or any other shoe, check out @ConsultYourImage on Instagram and make sure you follow me too @TheChloeBrand as always for more exclusives.  Until next time guys!

-xoxo Chloe


Other Outfit Details:

  • Shirt/Shorts : Thrifted
  • Vintage D&B Bag
  • Pom Pom Ornament : Charlotte Russe
  • Lippie : Dasha Cosmetics


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