Photos by Lennox Reid.

It’s still summer and still scorching here in Atlanta.  I will say that some days are more bearable because of all of the random monsoon rain and storms we’ve been getting but still, it’s hot.  When I go outside most times it’s only because I have to.  If there was a way I could teleport to my car or wherever, I would.  Every time I open the door, I say a quick prayer to myself that I don’t melt before I reach my destination.  It’s REAL out here.


When I get outside,  even though I know it will be a quick trip, it still feels like an eternity.  All I can do is just hope for a breeze.  Then the breeze comes and it’s hot air.  There really is no way to win.  At least that’s what I thought until I found this dress…


The Dasha Flowy Dress from House of Dasha literally created its own breeze.  Either that or it caught the hot air and made it cool.  Idk.  Whatever happened though, it worked.  On top of that, it is so comfortable and easy to rock.  It can go great with a simple heel (obviously) or even a cute lace up sandal.  The neckline can also be adjusted to be worn different ways like off the shoulder, one shoulder, or crew neck.  It is ridiculous how many ways it can be worn.


The bottom of this dress stands out too and also is probably the reason for the cool breeze creation.  It falls at different lengths from the lower thigh to the calves which is a really sexy element.


For pretty much any daytime event or adventure this dress is perfect.  I felt so free wearing it which also goes along perfectly with my journey of self discovery (see previous post for details on that.)  Everything about this dress screams summertime perfection — the color, the material, everything. And speaking of color, did I mention it comes in like a million more??? Yep, it does.  Take your pick by visiting HouseofDasha.com and follow them on Instagram @thehouseofdasha.  Also, make sure you follow me @thechloebrand for more pics and exclusive updates.  Until next time guys!

-xoxo Chloe


Other Outfit Details:

  • Bag : Vintage Dooney & Burke
  • Shoes : Just Fab
  • Hat : Forever21
  • Earrings Charlotte Russe


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