Photos by Lennox Reid.

Sooooo….two posts later and here we are again.  My heels are still high and I’m back in black on black.  Life is good if you ask me.

But seriously, as the final post to my 3 part installment of my first Fashion to Figure spread somehow I ended up back in my go to combination.  Like I said, it wasn’t on purpose at all. I just knew that I wanted a dress and the fact it was a cape dress made the decision that much easier…


Cape dresses are EVERYTHING.  Actually capes are everything.  This is the third one I’ve worn this year and I am still in love with being “gone with the wind fabulous.”  In previous posts, there was the perfect white cape blazer from Superficial Clothing and then for the official day of love, I sported a red hot cape dress from Gold Glamour.  When I finally laid my eyes on this black one, I felt complete and obviously, it was a no brainer.


The neckline is just the right cut for a fab statement piece.  To keep the look classic, I paired it with this ribbon-tie closure leaf necklace from @MeganB_NeckPeace on Instagram.  It created perfect separation and with it being black and gold, what better accessory than another FTF piece, the same black clutch I raved about two posts ago.  The look was effortless and I wanted to keep it clean and classy.


I’m not going into to depth as much as I usually do because I am pretty sure that you guys know what I am going to say.  All black is life, blah blah blah blah.  I won’t bore you to death but I will leave you with the thought of making sure to check out Fashion to Figure via their website and on Instagram @ftfsnaps.  For exclusive looks and a lot more pictures, follow me as well @thechloebrand.  Until next time guys!

-xoxo Chloe


Other Outfit Details:

  • Necklace : Megan B NeckPeace
  • Shoes: Charlotte Russe


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