Photos by Lennox Reid.

jad·ed  (ˈjādəd/)  adjective

  1. tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something.

Technically speaking, this is the definition of the word jaded.  In simpler terms, it pretty much means “over it.”  If any of you guys are like me at all, it probably comes out of your mouth pretty often on a day to day basis.  With a lot of things, I am definitely done with or tired of, but this jumpsuit from House of Dasha just isn’t one of them. And can you blame me?


First, let’s talk about this color of perfection, jade.  I know for most of you guys, this is probably a breath of fresh air from my recent previous posts that were more so geared towards my fave black on black combos.  But now with summer in full effect (definitely making it too hot for all black in GA), it’s definitely time for me to gravitate to the brighter spectrum of things.  Seeing the hue of it was only the first thing that won me over…


Second, if you know me, you should know by now that I absolutely love a wide leg pant.  Every time I find a color of them, I have to grab it.  If they fit, I buy them.  Point blank period.  Well, kinda, some prices can make something go from a must-have to a never mind real quick LOL.  And even more than a wide leg pant, I love a jumpsuit.  For me, it’s usually hard to find one of the right length because of my height and the right cut because of these hips.  This one though was worth the risk.


Now, this final reason may be a little lame but I really gravitated towards the fact that it was off the shoulder.  This summer, I am really falling for all of the different chambray and ruffle tops similar to this cut (which you will see more of I’m sure) and it is great for the whole summertime sexy appeal.  That is what really tied this whole look together for me.  Even though it may seem like a lot of material, it has all of the right pieces to the puzzle making it perfection, for me at least.


Another thing too is that the material is extremely flowy and you for sure will be gone with the wind as soon as you catch a summer breeze.  Well, that is if you catch one.  I swear no wind blows during GA summer, but that’s neither here nor there.  All of these elements make it the perfect jumpsuit that you won’t, and probably can’t get tired of.  It should be great for day parties, girls day out, date night, or anything else you have to conquer.  I really hope House of Dashagets more in because this is definitely something I would get in every color.  To check out the rest of their selection, follow them on Instagram @thehouseofdasha and follow me of course for more photos of this look and others @thechloebrand.  Until next time guys!

-xoxo Chloe

P.S. Did I mention they have cosmetics??? Check out their cosmetics company @dashacosmetics and their site for some of my fave lippies that will also soon be making a debut on the blog!


Other Outfit Details:

  • Choker : Charlotte Russe
  • Shoes : Go Jane (sorry, I know you can’t see them here)
  • Cluth : The Limited


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