Photos by Lennox Ave.

I’m sure that I don’t even really need to say this because I’m pretty sure you’ve already noticed but… I wear a lot of black and white.  Honestly, it’s not on purpose.  It just kind of happens.  I truly believe that most of us gravitate towards it because it is so versatile and go can be combined in countless ways with probably every piece in your wardrobe and for this reason, you’ll probably continue see me in this classic combo, especially if it’s a dress that looks like this one.

download (27).jpeg

I had been eyeing this dress from Style of Elegance Boutique for a while but figured it was sold out by the time I got the chance to order. WRONG!  Because God is so good, he saved one just for me.  The mesh neck details is one of the main things that stood out to me.  I know it probably would’ve been just as fierce with a plunging neckline but the mesh touch made it that more edgy and gave me even more opportunity to get creative when it came to shoes and accessories.

download (28).jpeg

Now because this dress is definitely a statement in itself, I wanted to keep it classic this time around.  I paired it with staple black accessories including an envelope style clutch, ankle strap heels, and a glistening silver stud (you can barely see it, I know lol).  Knowing when to do a lot or in this case just enough, is always key to a well-put-together look.

download (29).jpeg

The back of the dress also added a little something extra with a mid-back cut out and to me this dress alone defines “Style of Elegance” perfectly.  It hugs in the right places, has the perfect combination of elements to make it timelessly stylish, and the length of the just-right slit in back complete the epitome of elegant.

download (30).jpeg

Keep in mind too that all white season is upon us so this would be perfect for those Memorial Day events and day parties coming up. Visit and follow them on Instagram @styleofelegance_soe.  Also, make sure you keep up with me @thechloebrand for exclusive posts, pics, and updates. Until next time!

-xoxo Chloe


Other Outfit Details:

  • Earrings and Ring Assortment: Charlotte Russe
  • Heels: Forever 21
  • Clutch: H & M

download (31).jpeg

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