Photos by Lennox Reid.

Who remembers the Cosby show?  Actually, the better question is probably who can forget it?  To this day it is still one of my faves whether it’s on air or not.  I would literally stop everything to see the same episodes for the millionth time and still laugh as hard as if it were my first.  They just don’t make the shows like they used to…

Now don’t get it twisted, there are still some good shows that I faithfully tune in to, and being a fashionista, one of those shows just happens to be Project Runway.  I will admit that I get behind from time to time but I always catch back up and even though it’s a million seasons in, designer Char Glover is still an all time favorite for me and she more than deserved her spot in the Top 4.n Her sense of style has always had so much funky flair and her personality shines through in every piece.

download (32).jpeg

When I found out she was finally launching her new collection, I was all over it. I anticipated its launch just like I did every new episode of PR. RocknRemix was released with a bang and each piece was so different but so signature Char.  Of course I wanted everything, but this Claire Cosby sweater stuck with me the most.  So simple, so conceptual, so me.

download (33).jpeg

My favorite thing about it was the fact that it’s a sweater, a sexy sweater.  Usually those two words don’t go together, at all.  Sweaters are usually described as cute, warm, different, and all that but sexy, this is definitely the first time I have used that as the key adjective.  I think the full front lace up closure is what take that element over the top.

download (34).jpeg

To me, the best thing about it is it isn’t tight but still eye catching.  When I wear my warmer clothes, they’re usually loose because the material either isn’t the most comfortable or it has to lay at least slightly flat with a million other layers.  With this I obviously won’t be putting anything under it but still, the fit definitely matters. Also, the material itself is extremely breathable and with it being handmade, I am even more in love with it.  Now, I am not sure how the name of it came about but I for a modern day Claire, I think it works.

download (35).jpeg

RocknRemix is always adding new custom items, and they cater to women who love to dress different and stand out. To me, that message comes across crystal clear especially after following Char for the past few years.  This is my first piece and of course won’t be my last.  Whether it be something you have done custom or a main piece on the site, make sure you support Char’s talents and collection.  In the meantime, make sure you follow her @charglover_ and @rocknmix_ on Instagram.  Also follow @thechloebrand for exclusive pics and posts. Until next time!

-xoxo Chloe


Other Outfit Details:

  • Heels : Traffic Shoes
  • Skirt : EBay
  • Clutch : H&M

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