Photos by Lennox Reid.

Everything that glitters isn’t gold. Fact. We’ve all heard that probably a few times too many but no matter how you interpret it, it’s the honest truth.  Usually, the quote is simply saying things aren’t always what they seem but if you want to be technical like me, it means exactly what it says.  Things that glitter can be diamonds, sequins, glitter, all that.  Whatever it is though, everything isn’t gold.  Well, almost everything…

download (17).jpeg

This dress IS actually gold and more importantly, it stretches to perfection.  I snagged this summer nights’ staple from Fashion Addict Boutique, one of my new favorites.  A few posts ago, I talked about my first purchase from them and how perfect it balanced out my personal style.  Right now, they are definitely two for two in my book.

download (18).jpeg

With summer fast approaching, day parties, vacations, and everything else are already in full swing.  The Georgia humidity has already taken over so I know for sure the sweltering heat isn’t too far behind.  This dress is perfect for all of that.  The material is a bit thick compared to most “sundress season” garments but it is still very breathable.  This is what makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor events, and on top of that it’s sleeveless.


I describe this dress as sexy simplicity.  It hugs the curves and even though it is a tank dress, it is extremely easy to dress up.  I paired it with gold, gold, and more gold when it came to the shoes and jewelry and chose a black clutch (with gold hardware) to mute it a bit. Because this is not a super shiny shade of gold, it isn’t too much and even with all of the gold goodness of the look, it still remained neutral, just a little shiny.

download (20).jpeg

I can’t wait to officially be in the full swing of summer.  This dress will be worn on quite a few occasions I’m sure just because it really is perfectly versatile.  Make sure you follow @FashionAddictBoutique on Instagram for more looks and follow me @TheChloeBrand for more photos and exclusive posts.  Until next time!

-xoxo Chloe


Other Outfit Details:

  • Earrings/Bracelet: Charlotte Russe
  • Shoes: Go Jane
  • Clutch: Fashion to Figure

download (21).jpeg

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