Photos by Lennox Reid.

Have you ever really sat and thought about your growth?  Like seriously. Whether it be mentally, emotionally, physically, or even fashionably, growth is a beautiful thing.  Everyday brings small changes but in the long run, the difference in old you and new you can be immense.  Take me for example.  This time last year, I wouldn’t have worn this hat, or any hat.  I had nothing against them, I just didn’t think they were for me.  In my mind, anyone else in the universe could make even a dunce hat look dope and then there was me who looked like a dunce in any hat lol.  I promise you, today’s Chloe vs. last year’s is a completely different person.

Honestly I don’t know why I didn’t wear hats though.  Maybe it was because of my head.  To me, it’s a little girthy and super wide when I smile.  I also wore a lot of extensions so the few hats I did kind of like were always too tight.  Obviously these were all just signs that I didn’t need to add anything extra up there and for the time being, I was fine with that.

download (40).jpeg
My nails + this hat though! #details (nails by @bc.beautyconcierge)

In the last few months though, I think starting in late August of 2015, I was really getting into this whole hat game.  It started when I found the perfect tan brimmed hat for like $12 at F21, which lead to needing a black one, which then lead to my first hat feature and then another.  Now I wasn’t going hat crazy or anything but having new inspirations and outfit ideas kept leading me to try new things and more new things meant more new hats.

download (41).jpeg

When I came across this one on Cherish Style’s Instagram page, I thought it was the cutest thing ever!  The fur pom trend was starting to really escalate and even though I didn’t really want all fur everything, I felt this would be a great casual staple and of course something perfect for my bad hair days but still dope enough to look like I tried that day.  Also, with my new found love of fur and leather, it blended perfectly with the many textures of winter while still being a great transition piece for spring. Oh and don’t forget it’s black.  That speaks volumes about its versatility alone.

download (42).jpeg

Also, don’t let this fur coat I wore it with fool you either, you will still be seeing this hat a good bit this whole year.  For this first look with my new treasure, I kept it sexy but edgy.  I paired it with a mesh bodysuit and pant set (details coming soon), added a silver statement around my neck, and my fave cropped fur from eBay which you probably remember from my last post.  It looks good together now, but know that this was another one of those outfits I put together accidentally by just randomly trying things on.

Long story short, don’t be afraid to grow.  Trying new things may test your comfort zones but it should.  You can’t change if you are always content.  To think, me switching gears a bit as far as my personal style may seem little to some, but for me, it did take a lot to do something different and be confident in doing so.  Ironically, all it took was a fur ball. Whether it be something as simple as a Pom Pom Fur Hat or something more personal like looking for a new career, you just have to be brave enough to try.  I did it and I hope this inspires you guys even if just a little to do the same. Until next post…

-xoxo Chloe

In the meantime, follow @CherishStyle on Instagram and shop for your own hat or maybe even something else.  Also, make sure you follow @TheChloeBrand for more photos and exclusives!

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