Photos by Cam Powell.

This time last year, I actually promised myself that I could not go back to NYFW in February.  I still remember the 3 degree weather with 60 mile winds that made my eyes water uncontrollably.  Now, it’s February 2016 and where did I end up? Back in The Big Apple.  I don’t know who I thought I was fooling but nothing can keep me away from Fashion Week.  This time though, I was A LOT more prepared and the fierceness of my furs was ON FLEEK as you young people say.

Because of the weather, I refused to stay the whole week.  I just couldn’t do it.  But as far as the weekend, I came ready to slay.  The first day I decided to keep it simple just to really get accustomed to what I would be dealing with as far as the cold.  If you don’t count the eye-watering winds, no feeling in your hands and feet, and never-ending ashiness, it wasn’t too bad.  Just a normal winter day or whatever…. Note the sarcasm…..

On day one, I conquered the cold in a gold silk blouse and dark denim bell bottoms that I had literally been searching high and low for.  I thrifted this coat for only $20 the week before while visiting Brooklyn and because I knew that I probably only get to wear this in NYC, it was immediately added to my NYFW plan. I already knew what pants I visualized with it but as far as a top I was lost.  At first I had it paired with a sheer sexy tan tank but then I realized pneumonia isn’t cute.  Accidentally I paired it with this shirt just to get an idea for the perfect palette and LOVED it.  It was one of those things I definitely forgot I had.  And on top of that I am pretty sure it cost me no more than $3 at the thrift store.  I added a statement gold choker and stud earrings to top it off and took on the day. [ Coat: $20 (thrifted), Blouse: $3 (thrifted), Jeans: $40, Purse: $13, Necklace: $5, Shoes: $20 ]

For day two.  I already knew what my look would be.  It seriously had been a long time coming.  I found this fur for $18 back in November at my fave thrift store at home and had to have it.  Again, I knew it would be something to have for NYC for the simple fact that GA winters are cold but not THAT cold.  Because it was also Valentine’s Day, of course I had to turn it up a notch on the sexy scale.  I kept my look muted with a black turtleneck, leather mini, sheer tights, and a lace-up black pump.  The coat was of course the statement, a red lip added some color, and simple silver accessories added some sparkle.  Like I’ve said before, Fashion Week is bae so I had to look good for him lol.  [ Coat: $18 (thrifted), Turtleneck: $8 (Citi Trends), Skirt: $25 (Naked Wardrobe), Purse: $13 (Windsor Store), Necklace: $5 & Shoes: $20 (Charlotte Russe) ]

My last day in the city is always bittersweet.  I literally am over the cold until I have to leave it and realize how much I appreciate it.  This time was no different but what did catch me off guard was the snow.  I had been wanting to have a snow shoot for a while now and on this last day, I finally got the chance.  At this point I was well aware of what to wear to keep warm.  I kept it more casual for travel and decided to have a few more layers.  I ordered the fur from eBay for about $30 and brought it along just for its versatility.  I kept the look preppy with a white chiffon collar shirt adorned with black and white v-neck cropped sweater.  The leather stretch pants were to add some texture, and the hat and gloves added some sass. [ Sweater $6, collar shirt $1, gloves $2 (Forever 21), Hat $35 (Manhattan Store), Pants $20 (Vivi Boutique), Heels $20 (Charlotte Russe) ]

For a Georgia Peach, I think I did pretty good.  Would I do it on the regular and live there? No, but I enjoyed it while it lasted and I was able to live and look like a real city girl for a fraction of the cost.  As always I had the time of my life. Well, that was up until my flight was cancelled due to “inclement weather conditions” but that’s another story for another day.  Even though it’s still early in the year, I am already gearing up and planning my looks for September.  As usual, I will of course do some thrifting for those one-of-a-kind statement pieces but other than that, you’ll have to wait and see.  Until next time NYC!

-xoxo Chloe

P.S.  I’m thinking about launching my thrifty blog again….Thoughts?

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