Photos by Lennox Reid.

Well, today is the day — Valentine’s Day.  To me, it moreso means National Let’s Wear Pink and Red Day but whatever lol.  Millions of people are flooding the malls, selling out flower shops, and splurging on lingerie, meanwhile I’m over here people watching and eating Bruschetta.  


Call it cliche’ but I truly believe that self-love is the best love.  Maybe it’s because I’m single but either way, knowing, accepting, and working on yourself is an ongoing process that comes before a relationship.  Now don’t worry,  I am not about to give any type of relationship advice (trust me it wouldn’t be a good idea lol) but I do know that focusing on you first is the way to go.  Would I like to meet someone at some point? Of course. But right now, The Chloe Brand is flourishing and NYFW is bae.


Posts with my NYC outfit details are on the way (because obviously I would die of frostbite wearing this) but whether single or in a relationship, this dress is perfect for February 14 shenanigans…or any day really.  As I have told you guys before, capes are my new thing and this dress just escalated my newfound love to a whole nother level.


I snagged it from one of my favorite women’s boutiques, Shop Gold Glamour and when I originally came across it, it was actually in black. I loved it all the same but then I saw this red and I’m pretty sure that I forgot what the color black even looked like.  It is literally the most perfect shade of sizzling red and the perfect length to be sexy but still have morals.  It’s definitely a great choice for date night (not in NYC weather) or in my case, girls’ night out.  Because it is not a stretch material, it doesn’t hug as a bodycon would but it’s short-but-not-too-short length allows it to show just the right amount of leg to balance things out.  I love it.


Shop Gold Glamour is one of my favorite boutiques for this reason.  Every piece balances between sexy, classy, and modern.  The colors of most of their items are neutrals making everything very versatile and timeless beyond measure. I would definitely recommend them for pretty much any occasion and I am pretty sure that you will see this dress more than once.  Hey, maybe this will be the dress that gets me a date to wear the black one lol.

-xoxo Chloe

See for yourself and Shop Gold Glamour and follow them on Instagram @shopgoldglamour.


Other Outfit Details:

  • Necklace: ALDO
  • Shoes: Charlotte Russe
  • Clutch: thrifted from Value Village of Stockbridge, GA


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