Photos by Lennox Reid.

Southern seasons have got to be some of the most unpredictable.  We know what to expect but at the same time we really have no clue.  The calendar can say first day of winter but yet you can still dress in light clothing and even wear sandals on a good day. This winter was definitely no exception.


Being this was my first winter back in Georgia, I was excited.  I was glad to go back to warm weather until late October, semi cool November, and supposed winter in December.  My coats were hanging by the door, boots were lined up, and I had even taken a liking to a few fur accessories that could add a little something extra to my looks.  Let me tell it, I was ready.


Apparently, Mother Nature had other plans.  First she said let it rain for a month (which ruled out all of my suede boots), then she decided to throw in some 70 degree weather (which I am not complaining about at all but fur and sweat doesn’t mix) and right when I adjusted and got too comfy with that and the light clothing, she decided now let me take it down to 40 degrees in which I was no longer prepared for.  I was so confused (and kinda fed up) because I just couldn’t get it right. But then I found this cardigan…


Living in unpredictable climates isn’t bad at all but the trick to getting through it when it comes to wardrobing, is having versatile pieces that can be worn in more than one type of weather and easily layered.  The Jackie Trench Jacket from High Maintenance does just that.  It incorporates this season’s waterfall trend plus trench look with a belt that accentuates the waist.  It goes great with turtlenecks (obviously) and can be worn with neutrals, black, whites, and even greys to add something extra.  The color is key too. As the seasons change, so do “acceptable” hues, textures, and patterns.  The technical color of it is chartreuse, which is a yellow/green, and can easily be transitioned into your spring looks (or days in the winter that feel like spring) and add the perfect yet subtle pop of color to classic patterns.


This trench style cardigan is by far the definition of a closet staple and is almost impossible to go out of style.  It doesn’t have to be packed away when the seasons can and can be accessorized in so many ways its ridiculous.  It also is extremely versatile with gold and silver which adds even more possibility when it comes to your color and hardware combos.  From the moment I saw it I fell in love with it and has to be one of my fave items this season.  This time I kept it simple but who knows how I’ll wear it next time.  Actually, I don’t even know how I will wear it because I don’t know how cold (or hot) it will be.  *shrug*  Either way, no matter where you are, and no matter what you wear, stay comfy and stay fashionable (in this cardigan)!

-xoxo Chloe

P.S. Did I mention you can get 10% off??  Visit and use the code THECHLOEBRAND for 10% off your purchase.  If you just know you want The Jackie Trench, click here to purchase directly.  Follow them on Instagram @highmaintenancelife.

Other outfit details:

  • Crop Top:  Know Style
  • Skirt + Boots:  Forever 21
  • Fur:  Banana Republic (thrifted for $9!)


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