Photos by Lennox Reid.

2015 has come and gone, literally.  Like, I am honestly still confused as to how just yesterday I was celebrating 2015 as the new year and now it’s over.  I’m a year older, have a new hair color, living in a new place, and moving in a new direction towards my goals.  As the yearly saying goes, new year, new me….well kinda.


To be honest, I don’t think NEW me is the right term.  I more so believe I am an evolved me. Think about it, there is literally only one minute between 11:59 pm and 12:00 am when it comes to a new year.  Nobody changes in a day, and definitely not in 60 seconds.  It takes time and in 2015, I took the whole 365 days to grow and learn about myself and even my style.  The only thing that didn’t change was my love for the color pink, obviously.


But seriously,  I look at photos from when I first started blogging in 2014 and everything has evolved.  Photos are better, clearer.  I am more in touch with how I am inspired to dress based on my surroundings and the support you all have given me so far.  I feel more free.  The businesses I work with are more cohesive with my personal brand and my brand in general has expanded past the usual blogging/styling combo.  Even my articles are better and a lot more engaging than just my original reviews.  They’re relatable and I am now able to write as if I am really speaking to you guys individually.  Chloe is still Chloe but more like Chloe 6.0 or something lol.


Not only in the style department, but personally I am a lot more in touch with myself.  Now, I am still single and after 24 years still no kiss at midnight but I can live with that because I have truly began to love and appreciate myself and won’t expect anything less from anyone in my life.  I have spent more time with my family than I have in the past when I was moving all over the place, and earlier this year I took the leap of faith of quitting the job that gave me wings but was bringing me down all at the same time.  Yep, 2015 was my best yet but I still have so far to go.


Now that 2016 is here, of course there are some new resolutions in place that I plan to conquer but I won’t divulge those just yet.  Sometimes you just have to work and then show.  Bottom line though even with all of the new plans, ideas, and everything else, I am still Chloe and still poppin’!  There is nowhere to go but up for us all!  Thank you for your continued support and love. ❤ Have a safe and Happy New Year!

-xoxo Chloe


In this new year though, I plan to truly use style to express myself.  Being inspired by the style of others is great but being inspired by your own is an amazing feeling.  With each look, I already have an idea for the next.  Below, I had to definitely start the year off with some glitz and glam because what’s a New Year without sequins.  Usually black is the go to color but I took the rose gold route.

  • coat : thrifted from Thrift Giant of Dallas, TX,
  • shirt thrifted from…. don’t remember but it was $1!
  • pants : Dillards
  • shoes : MissGuided
  • rings : S Boutique and Charlotte Russe
  • shades : Aldo
  • nails done by Beauty Concierge of Smyrna, GA use code XOXOTHECHLOEBRAND for 10% off all services!


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