Photos by Jessica Rycheal.

Every year when December rolls around, we wonder where the year went.  The engagements and baby announcements are pouring in and the new year resolutions are being made.  In my opinion, even though this is an annual thing, 2015 had to have been the fastest year yet. I swear I blinked and now here we are, gearing up for the 16th year of the 21st century.

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This year I accomplished more than I thought I ever could and can’t wait for the new year.  I have watched myself change and grow day by day and feel that even my personal style is continuously evolving.  I enjoy having the freedom of thinking outside of the box and playing around with different combinations but my favorite style epiphany thus far has to be this new found addiction to brimmed hats and it all started with this one…

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Now I know hats have been a thing for years, especially in the cooler months and definitely for gentlemen but me personally just never really cared for them.  I don’t think that I have a real reason as to why but it was probably something crazy like having a wide face and funny shaped head lol.  Most of my looks and styles of clothing also just didn’t seem to need headgear for an accessory but then I found this hat from Blue Pyramid and my life changed.

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One of my favorite things about style is color.  So many patterns and shades compliment each other and the right combinations are what draw us to a look.  Now like I said, brimmed hats are nothing new by any means but how often do you see one in such a vibrant color?  Not saying they don’t exist but most of the time you will see the staple pieces such as black, brown, and tan.  But because this color was so unconventional, I had to have it.  It wasn’t until after I had this one in my possession that I even thought to buy a basic black one (which comes in handy on my bad hair days since it goes with everything.)

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The brand of “The Campaign” hat is Official (that’s literally the name) and can be found in other vibrant colors at Blue Pyramid (@shopbluepyramid) located online and at 500 Russell St. STE 14, Starkville, MS.  It is a bit more structured than the usual hats but that’s probably my favorite thing about it other than its color.  You don’t have to worry about it being flattened or awkwardly positioned on your head.  Don’t be surprised when you see me with all of the colors…seriously.

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Now with this new addiction of mine, 2016 will definitely include a lot of hats in my wardrobe along with a lot of other versatility.  I am going into it beyond inspired and empowered by not only my passion but the support of all of you thus far.  I appreciate it more than you will ever know and will continue to do my best to keep you stylishly entertained. Hats off to a new year but not this one, because it’s my favorite so I’ll be wearing it for a while lol. Get your own!

-xoxo Chloe

P.S. other outfit details include my slashed crop top from Rainbow, moto stretch jeans from Top Shop, boots from Shoe Land, and the coat was of course thrifted for no more than $6.92!

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