I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one that thinks Christmas 2015 snuck up on them.  The year itself has been a blur and it doesn’t even feel like Christmas.  Now as an adult, you don’t expect all of the same types of gifts or even the same amount that you used to get but instead its more so about the gift of giving as well as spending time with the people you love.

Now for me, of course my family and friends are on that list of special people but also included in that group are the different businesses I have worked with over the course of this year.  I appreciate them for trusting me with their clothing and/or products and also for listening and taking in stride all of the advice to help grow the businesses that they have always dreamed of.  Because of the relationships that we have built, it is of course only natural that we share the gift of giving as well and because of the gifts of these businesses, I want for nothing because I am already wearing it…

The Rena Fedora from Click here to purchase.

If you haven’t already seen the news,  I was recently named the official “GLAM-Bassador” or Brand Ambassador of High Maintenance Boutique and for that reason (and the simple fact that I absolutely LOVE their pieces) you will be seeing me in “High Maintenance mode” and their garments very often.  This hat is only the first of many.  With burgundy being one of the most popular colors of the season, it is not only perfect for the holidays but for fall/winter all together.  It has the shape of the trending wide brim hat but with a little flexibility to add a more classy feel.  It definitely was perfect in completing this multi-textured all black look.  Oh, and as a Merry Christmas from me to you, enjoy 10% off this hat or anything else you love from High Maintenance Boutique using the code THECHLOEBRAND.  Also visit them on Instagram @highmaintenancelife.

The Bella Boot from Consult Your Image. Find them on Instagram @consultyourimage.

Next, let’s talk shoes, my absolute favorite part of an outfit.  This time of year, boots are essentials.  Top colors would be various shades of tan and of course black. The most popular style would be knee boots and above but this boot adds a little some extra with its caged design.  I love how comfortable it is and the velvet-like texture of it makes the absolute perfect shade of black.  The arch is perfection with the most precise pointed toe.  This is the Bella Boot exclusively from Consult Your Image.  I truly believe the name suits it well.  Bella, by definition means beautiful/beauty and this is the exact way I would describe this boot.  Because of beauty and sex appeal, this is definitely a boot meant more for short skirts/shorts.  I say this because of its caged nature, you want to be able to show some skin.  If you do wear it with pants, I would say maybe lighter colors.  The beauty in any shoe is actually being able to see how it completes your look or in this case, your image and Bella effortlessly tied my Christmas image together.

Lastly, I have to show you guys the icing on the cake.  As a lady, it’s great to pamper download-41ourselves from time to time no matter how busy life may get especially during the tiring holiday season.  It may seem like something minute but manicures and pedicures are great for not only confidence but also stress, and going to get my nails done is one of my favorite things to do, especially at Beauty Concierge of Smyrna, GA.  A black owned business, they specialize in nails, makeup services, lashes, and waxing.  I actually got the chance to speak with them in a previous interview.  Oh and did I mention they serve wine during your services???? Definitely my personal heaven lol.  They got me ready for the holidays with the OPI Gel color “Christmas Plaid”  they even went the extra mile and added a Christmas plaid design.  The decor is modern and welcoming along with the conversation.  I can brag on them for days but instead I am going to give you a code to get glam for the New Year and see for yourself.  Use code XOXOTHECHLOEBRAND for service discounts.  Located at 4924 S Cobb Dr., 30080.  Also find them on Instagram @bc.beautyconcierge.

I know this post was longer than usual but as the old saying goes, ’tis the season.  Over the short time I have been blogging and sharing with you guys, I am beyond grateful for all of the support.  If I could personally say thank you to each of you I would but since I can’t, enjoy some discounts and pampering on me.  Enjoy your family and friends, be merry, and be safe.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

-Chloe ❤

P.S. Silk blouse from Goodwill NYC, purse from Goodwill Atlanta, and shorts from Forever 21.






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