We all know that there’s a first time for everything. Some firsts may fall short of what we expect and some may be just what we need to take the leap into something new.  This first in particular for me was definitely a leap and nothing short of amazing.  Usually, I am all about my fashion scene, which won’t change, but when certain opportunities present themselves, you can’t turn them down.  So for the first time for both you and I, #ChloeCoverage is switching gears from my love of fashion, to my appreciation of music and what better way to do that that highlighting the soulful songstress, Angie Stone.

It has a been a little while since Angie was last on the scene but now she is officially back with a new album, Dream.  In this episode, I got to go behind the spotlight and hear Angie truly let us in on her inspirations for this album and even speak on some personal experiences that not only changed her mindset but also opened her eyes to her own sound.  After 37 years in the industry, you can truly see that she has evolved and reached a point of realization that will continue to manifest her career.

While waiting on Angie’s performance to close out the season of Live On the Park, in the meantime I grabbed an interview with Rahbi Raw, prior to his performance, to also get some insight on his new album and upcoming show.  We had some laughs and discussed his inspirations and how society influences his music.  Rahbi’s energy during his performance was contagious as he hit splits, twirls, spins and occasionally leaped into the audience, all while effortlessly singing compositions from his new project, “Hello World”.  Following his performance, Atlanta-based artist, Willie Hynn took the stage next, opening with his single, “Strawberry Lights.” After Willie Hynn’s high-powered performance, Wild Afrikan graced the stage with and gave an energetic vibe similar to the legendary OutKast.

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for, soul singer and hip-hop pioneer, Angie Stone hit the stage. The songstress opened her set with her classic single, “Brotha,” an uplifting ode to the black man, while which she asked all of those in attendance to stand. She also debuted “Magnet” from her new album, “Dream.” As a tribute to her days as a member of the first female hip-hop group, The SequenceStone also performed a rap number that thrilled the crowd. She wrapped up her set with the hit single, “Wish I Didn’t Miss You.”

Angie Stone’s new album, “Dream” is available for purchase in-stores and online today.

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