Photos by Lennox Reid.

NEUTRALS ARE LIFE.  Simple as that. Read it, understand it.  This isn’t up for debate, they just are.  Now, don’t get me wrong, black is great and of course the classic black and white but neutrals, especially the ones in the nude and brown families, are essentials to all fashionistas and fashionist-o’s (males lol).


Just like black or white, neutrals can easily be played with and because they come in so many different tones, you don’t have to try to make sure it is the exact same shade as you do with black, for it be a clean look.  Actually, it even mixes well WITH black or white and just like them, is also a year round color.  It may switch from darker tones such as browns, to lighter tones such as nudes based on the changing seasons but either way, there will always be a way to add the perfect earth tone to your look.  Think about it, you know that perfect pair of nude pointed toe Louboutins that every woman wants and/or has?  What time of year have you not seen them?  My point exactly.


Earth tone neutrals are also great to mix textures, especially this time of year.  The wool blends, the suedes, and the leathers can be put together in so many ways.  Below I did a little of that and tied it all together with classic gold statements.  This look includes a simple white bandage tube crop top, a light nude fitted skirt, and a tan suede cardigan.  The PVC pumps tied together the bottom half of the look and a close shade clutch I found at the thrift store finished off the top half.  Just to add a little something, I added a statement gold necklace from Superficial Clothing. It may sound like a lot but honestly it took me like 2 secs….and a few mall trips lol.


Seriously though, making the most of your wardrobe is very important especially to those of us trying to save money.  The more basic pieces you have the more variety you can play with.  These basic pieces also should be in the right shades and colors and neutrals are definitely a great asset to that.  I am by no means saying abandon your blacks and whites, or even your olives and burgundy, but GET YOU SOME NEUTRALS!  Have your sandals for summer, your boots and cardigans for fall, and pumps for all year long.  Grab a tan purse or two so that you don’t have to switch bags everyday.  Be true to your style always but also be true to your closet. Neutrals can literally change your life and your wardrobe.


Other Outfit Details:

  • Cardigan : Vivi Boutique
  • Tube Top : Know Style
  • Shoes : Traffic Shoe
  • Bag : Thrifted


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