Photos by Lennox Reid.

With the changes of the season, comes the changes of your wardrobe.  This not only means colors, but also the materials.  Now is the time we make the switch to woven things, wool blends, leathers, suedes, and of course fur.


Unlike most other materials, fur isn’t one of the ones that you would necessarily wear all over.  It makes a statement all on its own and is usually better as an accessory.  I was never really a fur girl but then I fell in love with the Big Apple and went to Fashion Week in February….pretty much my life changed and fur became a necessity.  Now don’t worry, none of my fur is real so no animals harmed, but it is still gorgeous and adds something extra to my looks.


Recently I have grabbed a couple of fur pieces  that are all different and have all done WONDERS for my wardrobe.  I don’t want to give them all away right now but throughout the rest of the seasons, of course I will highlight each one.  This clutch alone makes me fall more and more in love with the color gray.  Because it isn’t just solid and has various shades of gray, this clutch is extremely versatile and goes great with whites, blues, deep purples, greens, and of course black and other grays.  Knowing your complimenting colors is extremely important when completing a look and as far as jewelry, silver is the best accessory hardware color in this case.


This clutch in particular is from The Diva Exchange and it is actually my second one from them.  I love that this one is very structured and large enough for my small electronics on my busier days and is also handmade.  What makes this one different is the shorter length of fur and thicker texture instead of the usual shaggy ones.  It is also extremely soft.  They have amazing customer service and items for a true diva.  Obviously this isn’t my first time ordering from them and of course it won’t be my last.

Follow them on Instagram @thedivaexchange and to shop, visit www.divaex.com.  Also, click here to check out my previous custom clutch look.

Other outfit details :  Jacket from Forever 21, dress from Know Style of Southlake Mall, and shoes from ShoeDazzle.  To join as a VIP and get up to 75% off your first pair of shoes, click here.


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