Photos by Lennox Ave.

Fringe, without a doubt is one of the top trends of the season.  Right next to suede, you can find fringe on shoes, dresses, shirts, and obviously around my neck.  It is literally everywhere.  I personally have a good bit of it myself but this piece in particular is my absolute fave.

IMG_0056.jpgI actually got the chance to interview the designer of Stephanie Bijoux at a recent fashion show I covered and fell in love with her pieces.  Each necklace is pretty much limited edition as she only creates one or two of each.  This one, however, was just for me as it was per request and who doesn’t love to feel like a VIP? I simply told her my favorite color and that I wanted something dramatic and boom!  A similar one with a thicker chain can also be found on her site.

img_00552Even though this may seem extreme to some, this necklace is simple compared to most of her other design.  Looking at the designs alone you can sense the inspiration and the hard work she puts into each piece.  She’s even told me that each one takes about 3 days to make, and that definitely shows.  This may have been my first necklace but it definitely won’t be my last.  You will see this one in particular brighten up a good bit of my outfits this coming spring/summer season!

To shop, visit www.stephaniebijoux.com and follow her on Instagram @stephaniebijoux.

To see my exclusive interview with her, click here.


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