Photos by Lennox Reid.

True or false? Blush is bomb and is one of a girl’s favorite words? True.

Whether talking about the perfect shade to complete your flawlessly beat face, the smile that forms when your favorite guy comes around, or in this case, the color of the perfect garment, blush is a happy word no matter how you use it.  Personally, it’s even happier when the blush dress you find fits like this one from


One of the best things about this color is it is one of the ones that can be worn year round.  Of course it’s great for spring but it’s also soft enough to mix and match during the holiday season along with the nudes and winter whites.  For me, it also comes down to the compliment of my skin tone as well.  I am neither fair nor dark so colors that still play off of my honey almond tone (yes, I said it.  I see myself as a honey roasted almond…don’t laugh lol) really win me over.  It also helps that usually accessories to coordinate with blush are also easy to pair…unless you thrift like me in which case you hope for the best…


Now I know that with thrifting, it’s really the luck of the draw.  You never know what you are going to find which is why I actually love it so much.  I never know what I am going to come out with and it truly excites me.  I actually snagged this dress a couple months ago but had nowhere to wear it to.  Fall came around and being it’s still a great color to wear I was determined to find something.  Because of the sudden cold snap I also knew the only way to put a warm spin on it was to add a coat, but not just any coat, a pink coat.  Now if you have followed me on any of my previous blogs you know I love a good coat and finding one for a steal is my specialty.


Another thing with thrifting though is of course there isn’t a guarantee you go and find what you are actually looking for but it never hurts to try.  I must have really had some good vibes in the universe because low and behold, guess who found a pink coat!  And not just any coat, one with various pink woven lines that really added the touch I needed to this dress.  I found this at the Goodwill in Stockbridge, GA and spent a whopping $6.  Talk about blushing!  I am certain I walked out smiling from ear to ear and who can blame me?


Together these two pieces made fall perfection for me and you will see both of them again (not together though lol).  Just to share a little more about the dress, the material is very fitted and slightly thick but has great stretch.  This really helps with defining your curves.  You can’t really tell but it is a halter with a button closure at the back of the neck. The criss cross in the front is what really make it unique and add that little something extra.  I would say that it is true to size and the one seen on me here is a small.  As I have said before, I love it! To directly purchase this dress for yourself, click here.

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