Guess who is adding mens’ fashion back to the roster!  This girl!  And what better way to start off than with an exclusive interview with a premier designer in menswear.

Fall is officially here and the fall fashions are in full swing. Knowing the correct colors, cuts and styles are important when purchasing new pieces for your wardrobe.  You want things that can be versatile so they you can get more than just a couple of looks with one garment or accessory.  You have to know how to switch things up without spending more money.  For men especially, layering and color coordination will be key and this collection shown in the video will be the perfect standard of colors and pieces to go by.

 In this interview, I get to speak with menswear designer Brett Johnson at his Fall/Winter Collection Launch in Lenox Square Mall at Neiman Marcus.  He explains his inspirations, his goals, personal thoughts on the collection thus far, and he gives us some big news on his recent success.  To shop his collection and get more information, visit brettjohnson.co and find him on Instagram @brettjohnsonco.

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