Leanne Marshall, there is so much I can say about her breathtaking collections and every time I go she never ceases to amaze me.  She is the ONLY designer that I am 3 for 3 for her shows.  Every time I have been to NYFW, I have made it my business to be at her show.  Since Project Runway I have been in love with the movement of her pieces, the fairytales she creates, and dreams that she brings to life in her work.

Her collections always embody the upcoming season.  Spring Summer 2016 was very apparent and created the perfect story in not only my mind but to everyone who watched.  Unfortunately this time I was running behind and missed the actual runway show but got there with perfect timing to still catch all of the models up close and personal after the show.  Each piece was so beautifully sewn and the movement was to die for.  The real highlight though was when I got to speak with her for a few moments and she told me she loved my shirt lol.  After 3 shows I got to commend her on her work and tell her how truly amazing I thought she was.  I guess that whole saying “three times a charm” really has some truth to it. I wonder what will happen the 4th time….

Visit to view all photos and information.

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