Photos by Brittanny Taylor.

The whole time I had been in NYC thus far, I had been preparing for this day.  The biggest events on my itinerary were all scheduled to happen and as excited as I was, this was also the day I was the most nervous.  Why? Because this was also the most casual look I had worn the whole time.  Now as a blogger and stylist,  I really don’t doubt my style but there was such a plethora of events today, it took me a while to come to a decision that fit them all.  First I had the Leanna Marshall show in Fashion Gallery NYFW then there was the Essence Street Style Block party in Brooklyn and then back to Fashion Gallery for the last show of the day.  There was definitely a lot of back and forth.  Visit the #ChloeCoverage section of the site for all of the event coverage.

The shirt I’m wearing is another one of those last minute items I grabbed from the thrift store.  Grabbed it for only $2.75 at Goodwill and the belt was from there too for only $2.92.  The shorts are also vintage and I bought them awhile back but I know I didn’t pay more than $5 for neither them or the bag from Value Village.  The only things not thrifted were the shoes (Charlotte Russe) and the hat (Forever 21). but each were great accessories to my casual retro look.


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