Day 2 was…..interesting to say the least.  A great day nonetheless but definitely eventful.  The first part of my day was very relaxing.  I grabbed some Chipotle, did a little shopping, and hung out with some of my favorite people.  I was mellow and ready for the two shows I had ahead.

The first venue was for the Walk Fashion Show.  I was excited about this one as I had heard alot of great things about it as well as the message that they were trying to get across.  Year round they are always looking for new designers, models, and talents all over the world to work with and compile them into shows hosted all over the country.  It started off a bit rocky with a few capacity issues but eventually it all worked out and the show was underway.  To be involved or get more event information, visit www.walkfashionshow.com .

With there being about 20 designers, you can imagine the show was a bit extensive.  Because I had a second show, unfortunately I had to head out around the halfway point.  I was happy that the other show was only a 10 min walk away.  I run into a hotel, not the hotel, not paying attention to where I was.  I had attended a good bit of previous shows there so when I walked in I noticed it looked different but still proceeded to where I was directed.  After not only getting in but being given a pass, I realized I was in the wrong place.  Literally, I was in a completely different hotel.  Because I had left in a decent amount of time, I had just enough leave way to run across the street, change into my heels, and take my seat.  This is why when you’re  in NYC, you have to be prepared to be on the move.  I lucked out this time.

Amiat’s show started with a very colorful dance presentation.  The girls in it were amazing and you could see all of the passion in their faces.  To me it represented not only the designer but his style.  This was my second time attending and the one thing that keeps me coming back is his fearlessness when it comes to pattern.   It takes them to the next level without overdoing them and the accessories are one of a kind.  To see more of his collection, visit www.rconic.com.

All in all, this was a great day.  Minus the mishap of my wrong location, it was exactly what I expect in a busy NYC day during NYFW.  Stay tuned for my last few videos of my final days in the city! Also, click here to see my #ootd for my Day 2 adventures.


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