Photos by Brittanny Taylor.

Yep, I am convinced that a great outfits will always bring great things your way.  Whether it be a simple compliment for cute shoes or a whole bouquet just because you look well put together.

In the middle of taking this pic,  a young man walked up out of nowhere and slid into the frame on one knee with a bucket of white roses.  I didn’t even know what to say.  All he said was “you’re beautiful and I love your look.”  He left the flowers and continued on his way.  I’m not sure what people are speaking on when they say New Yorkers are mean because I never have any issues.

But anyway, I had so much good luck wearing this outfit.  It was planned a little better than the first two.  I had found the pants about a  month prior and fell in love with the color and the fit.  Because of my height, generally pants like this are too long even with heels on but these fell just right.  I got them from one of my favorite thrift stores, Value Village, of Stockbridge, GA.  You can’t really see the shoes but I got them from Nasty Gal.  The vintage bucket style bag I got at a $2 sale from “Heels on Wheels” which is a bus that is made like a boutique thrift store on the inside.  The crop top is from Know Style and sunglasses from ALDO.  As for jewelry, the rings and earrings were from Charlotte Russe and the cuff from Wal Mart.  Obviously I get things from a little of everywhere but knowing who has what is very important to ensure you have the right pieces in your wardrobe.  The look was classy, simple, and effective.






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