Photos by Brittanny Taylor.

After my day one hair malfunction, I gathered myself and tried again for day 2 and I would definitely say it was a success.  The sun was shining, the breeze was perfect and my curls were poppin’.  I loved this outfit because it was so easygoing and comfortable however it was the hardest to put together.

I had these shoes (BCBG) that I wanted to wear just because of the fringe — if you don’t have any fringe for fall, get some — and had no idea what to wear with them.  The day before I flew out, I had FINALLY found a culotte at the thrift store which I didn’t find until the last day for $5.49 which just so happened to look great with the shoes.  I already was bringing the hat for another outfit and it happened to go with the shoes but I had no shirt.  I knew I couldn’t just roam the streets of NYC with a bra and culottes no matter how cute my accessories were.  All I knew was I wanted some olive just because I love it.  At the last minute I found a 2 pc set (skirt not shown) that just so happened to be the perfect shade of olive.  I tried it on and BOOM! Because each piece is neutral, they can all be mixed and matched with a million other things year round.  I wore this throughout the day and switched into the skirt for a night on the town that night.  Even though my last minute looks are usually my best, I don’t recommend to keep pressing my luck lol.

To see the video and read about the events I covered during this day, click here.


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